Morning Practice – SAVERS

Silence – Prayer and/or meditation

Affirmations – I am greatly loved; I am fully supported by the universe; I am enough; I am beautiful inside and out; I am my own best friend; I am neither too little nor too much and I do not have to prove myself to anyone; I am a magnet for health, wealth and happiness etc.

Visualisation – dreams and goals you would like to achieve, how you would like your day ahead to go.

Exercise – 5 minute dancing to an uplifting song/ yoga/ stretching etc.

Reading – a page or 2 of inspirational literature, books with daily reflections.

Scribe – writing a gratitude list or journaling.


Regular practice – FATE

Forgiveness – of yourself, others and events in your life. In order to free yourself and support your happiness.

Acceptance – of yourself and others as imperfect human beings who make mistakes sometimes. Accepting the events that happen in our lives and just focusing on doing the next right thing to solve any problems. Accepting your feelings and that it’s ok not to be ok – what we resist persists.

Taking responsibility – we are all responsible for our own happiness. Take action to insure your lifestyle and the people around you support your well-being. Take action to raise your vibration if you are stuck in a negative emotion. Practice self care, take a walk, meditate, listen to music, call a friend, take a bath etc.

Enjoy the little things – practice being in the present moment. Enjoy the fresh morning air, the birds singing, that first cup of tea in the morning, laughing with friends, reading a good book. Trust the process of your life unfolding.

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