Imagine what life would be like if you could go to new places without feeling, nervous or self conscious. Imagine not having to have those few extra drinks on a night out due to social anxiety. Imagine meeting new people and just feeling completely comfortable in your own skin. Imagine wearing the beautiful clothes and not thinking ‘I cant wear that’. Imagine just getting up and dancing when you hear a song you like without the need for ‘dutch courage’.

Imagine not caring too much what other people think of you. Imagine being comfortable stopping and chatting to strangers, or actually having a conversation with the person who’s taking your coffee order. Imagine taking the leap to do the thing you’ve always dreamed of doing. Imagine trying a new hobby or taking a new class without talking yourself out of it.

Imagine going for that promotion you know you are capable of. Imagine asking for that well earned raise. Imagine just asking that person you like if they fancy a coffee sometime. Imagine just going to the gym when your body isn’t ‘perfect’ and not caring what the gym bunnies think. Imagine stopping to chat to your neighbour rather than trying to avoid everyone. Imagine speaking you’re truth without fear of the consequences. With love of course. Imagine leaving that relationship that hasn’t felt right for a while but it’s safer than the unknown. Imagine just knowing whatever happens it’ll be OK because I trust myself. Imagine going for IT ALL and wouldn’t that be just beautiful.

Wouldn’t it be great if it were that simple?

Natural healthy self esteem and self worth are rare these days. So many things may have happened in your life that has had a negative affect them including traumas, some you won’t even remember. The beautiful thing is we are SO capable of change. Neuroplasticity means we can change inbedded neuralpathways; programming that has been going on behind the scenes for years. And just so you know, I am speaking from experience!

My deepest wish is for you to be the person you always knew you could be ‘if this hadn’t happened or that hadn’t happened’. It is 100% possible, and I have the beautiful job of watching people blossom every day. Find out how Neuro linguistic programming, Hypnotherapy and Personal Development Coaching can help. Love and Light.

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