The real cause of over eating isn’t about what you eat and how much. Focusing on what you are ‘doing wrong’ or putting yourself through grueling diets, are not the answer to peace and well-being. Nobody wants to live obsessing about food all day. ‘I can’t eat that. I shouldn’t have eaten this. I’m hungry but I have to wait for a certain time to eat to stick to my plan’. Not fun.

You might think you will be happy once you have reached that certain goal weight you have in your mind. But believe me when you get there, the underlying causes of why you compulsively eat still remain. And guess what, the old patterns return.
In the majority of cases people eat compulsively to change the way they feel about themselves. A chocolate bar might be a quick fix to numb you from feelings of unworthiness and lack of self love. But it wont change those feelings and they come back ten fold afterwards.
Perhaps you use food to comfort or reward yourself. But when you feel whole inside you won’t need those things. In fact they are the last thing you want.
Rather than focusing on what you eat and how often, coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP addresses the root causes of this form of self abuse that often stem from childhood programming, trauma, and confidence and self-esteem issues.
Through this gentle therapy you can feel long lasting peace of mind, and whole and complete inside so that you do not need quick external fixes to momentarily ease your discomfort, which ultimately cause much more unrest in the long run. There is a long lasting solution.

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