Almost everyone I know uses something to change the way they feel. If you are feeling low, anxious, unfulfilled, not good enough, unhappy, bored. Do you ever turn to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, relationships, binge TV watching, constantly checking social media or gambling among other things to fill that gap?

And do you ever find it’s never enough to fill that emptiness inside? It might work for a short while. This is because it has to come from within. External things will never satisfy that need to feel whole.
A little bit of escapism as a temporary fix will not do you much harm. But when the habit crosses over to affecting your health, happiness, work, finances and relationships it needs to be addressed. When it starts having a negative affect on your quality of life it’s time to ask for help.
Neuro linguistic programming accesses the underlying cause of the habit, which could be anything from childhood programming of unworthiness, to a lack of confidence and belief in yourself. Neuro linguistic programming helps to reprogram those ingrained behaviour patterns that often you are not even consciously aware of.
There is always an answer to a happy and fulfilled life, where you are not stuck on the merry-go-round of destructive cycles.

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