Ever wanted to follow a passion of yours but lack the confidence to do it? Here’s how I went from working just to pay the bills to doing what I love, and it’s really simple!

Follow your gut instinct

Listen to that inner guidance. Follow the quiet voice that’s been niggling at you for what seems like forever. If you aren’t sure what it’s saying to you take some time in silence and relaxation. Ignore the monkey mind that tells you it can’t be done. Break it down into to small steps and taking it day by day. If you do 1 thing per day towards your dreams, that’s 30 things in a month and 365 things a year!

Take the next right step

Do things in stages so as not to activate the fear gremlin. For instance, decide what the next right step to take is and just focus on that. There is always a next right step.Let go of the outcome, as it will be that which is for the highest good for all. It might not look like what you think it’s going to.

Right size set backs

Try not to get deflated at the first set back. Things don’t happen over night, even though we might want it to. Learn to right size it when things don’t go your way.  Failures (or as I have re-framed them, learning opportunities) often proceed a success, and if we didn’t carry on we would now how close we were. Don’t give up before the miracle happens.

Often things don’t work out in the way you thought they would because they weren’t supposed to. It’s important to keep things right sized and let go when things don’t go your way. Some things aren’t meant to be easy and every set back can be a learning experience. There is growth in adversity.

Celebrate the wins

Celebrate each little success. Even if it’s just sending that first email, or making that first phone call. It’s all a step in the right direction. It’s all moving forwards. It letting the universe know your intentions, and it is well worth celebrating. Have fun!

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